Our Corporate Identity keeps the family together

Our logo reveals three garbs of wheat: united, but not restricted, by a ribbon.

3 Green Garbs

The three garbs represent the pillars of our business:

  • Medical Scheme and Gap Cover
  • Life Insurance, Retirement and Investment Planning
  • Short Term Insurance: Commercial and Personal

Garbs (sheafs of wheat, in heraldry terms), represent nourishment, fuel for further growth. Green is evidence of growth and a rich harvest. Crisp coolness balances the warmth of the brown ribbon and signature.

Endless Brown Ribbon

The ribbon describes Landfin’s holistic approach, complete solutions and flexibility. Brown, as a colour, represents earth, well grounded advice, fertile soil. Warm-heartedness. Warmth, wellness, security. Terra firma. Flowing lines and loops indicate experience, adaptability to change. Two loops, in combination, point to infinity, sustainability, the single-minded search for total solutions.

And so, Landfin keeps you covered, while you grow ...